Eye-To-Eye Magazine Winter Edition 2023

Eric Corijn

Arts and cities: What is an Urban Festival?

Ragni Stoltenberg

The magic of meetings – creating common ground across borders

Dominika Lasota

Arts and activism: The urgency of our times

Danica Purg

Arts and business: Common features to discover

Simon Mundy

First Festival Anniversary

Shahidul Alam

Boxing Day Blues

About Winter Edition 2023

Our times are presenting their specific challenges continuously, and changing in weight. The turn of the year often serves to make us more aware of such challenges and start the new year with good intentions. Anniversaries can have the same effect. EFA’s 70th anniversary Arts Festivals Summit in Yerevan in 2022 brought together thinkers that know more about the new relationships between the arts and cities, the business and activism.

This Eye-to-Eye magazine catches some of the perspectives shared in Yerevan, and speaks about new beginnings.

Happy New Year!

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General