Eye to Eye Magazine Winter Edition 2020

Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills

Reimagining vibrant cities

Ana Maria Rossi

Ana Maria Rossi

A Postcard from Belgrade

Robert Piaskowski

Robert Piaskowski

Voice from Krakow

Romeo Castelluci

Romeo Castellucci

Laudation for Frie Leysen

Frie Leysen

Acceptance Speech – Erasmus Prize 2014

Nathalie Hennedige

Natalie Hennedige

How do you solve a problem like a very complex protagonist?

Mahir Namur

Mahir Namur

Global Challenges, Cultural Visions

I am pleased to present you our 6 new contributors to the second edition of Eye-to-Eye: The Festival Quarterly. They all together and individually set so beautifully the tone of this e-magazine and more importantly of who and what informs us, and it, festival making, today: individual perspectives from persons living in Turkey, Serbia, Australia/UK, Singapore, Poland and Italy; eye-to-eye with artists, psychologists, film directors, city representatives; with men and women of the arts, younger and older, and one who will always stay with us: Frie Leysen. Frie was the founder and the director of deSingel in Antwerp and the internationally renowned Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

Let us hope that when the next edition of Eye-to-Eye comes out festivals will be able to look forward with renewed confidence.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General

Eye to Eye Magazine Summer Edition 2020


Aleš Šteger

How to live after the end of reflection

Ayoko Mensah

Afropolitan festivals: a challenge

Alicja Gescinska

On Music, Morality and Krzysztof Penderecki

Tomáš Sedláček

Advantages of disadvantages, or don’t let the quarantine slip through your fingers

Melanie Burge

The pandemic’s immediate impact on performing arts in Australia

Simon Mundy

Mediterranean Blues

About Summer Edition 2020


…with those that inform, influence or inspire festival makers and making: the artist, the economist, the philosopher, the urban planner, the academic, the politician.

The European Festivals Association’s (EFA) ‘The Festival Quarterly’ Eye-to-Eye assembles a variety of voices that speak about our society, the state of the arts and reasons why the arts exist, concepts, and moments in contemporary life.

It includes articles we commission and material we ask editors to provide. Eye-to-Eye offers a mosaic of reflections, opinion pieces, personal statements, seemingly unrelated yet fitting with each other. It reflects EFA’s journey to broaden our conversations and dig into the habitat of festivals, taking us well beyond the process of festival making.

Today we are sharing with you the very first issue: The Festival Quarterly’s Summer 2020 edition. We intend to publish Eye-to-Eye articles, film abstracts and material every 3 months.

We will develop this project with the experience of each edition: Eye-to-Eye will be an evolving project, taking into consideration the suggestions we will receive from festivals and our stakeholders community. Be part of it.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General