Thoughts from Lech Wałęsa

Visions for Europe

Kateryna Botanova

A few observations on care, awareness, and connecting time we spent together with the war in sight

Jelle Dierickx

Frau Luna’s Deep Listening @ Peenemünde

Miruna Boruzescu

Child of the Revolution

Bruno Costa

Glocal festivals: Bridging the European and local perspectives through outdoor arts

Sol de la Guardia and Oscar Muñoz

Arts, Culture & Democracy: experience from the European Parliament’s Contemporary Art Collection

If we accept that Europe has also a community of individuals and diverse cultures and not only of institutions, we might be longing for a more humanistic world. Arts and culture are a way to tell the stories of the individuals, communities, and the different realities that confront them.

Eye-to-Eye, on the verge of European Parliament elections, zooms in, as always, to highlight a series of individual visions, motivations, narratives, and possibilities for community building through the arts and arts festivals.

Enjoy reading these and please use your right to vote if you have it.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General