Eye-To-Eye Magazine Spring Edition 2022

Laura Nsengiyumva

The day when I (almost) melted (your father)

Maxim Shalygin

Whispers from nowhere

Haris Pašović

To Dream Or Not To Dream?

Alexandra Dementieva

New technology used in art is just a tool but very powerful

Yusuf Mahmoud

Festivals and contemporary discourses

Frans de Ruiter

My first day…

About Spring Edition 2022

What can and should the arts do in a changed world? How should festivals define their position in the societies within which they work?

70 years ago, Swiss writer and philosopher Denis de Rougemont and Ukrainian conductor Igor Markevitch launched the European Festivals Association (EFA) as a peace project, a dialogue platform, an expression of hope and reconciliation. They believed in the power of the arts and their impact on societies.

EFA has been a platform for dialogue since its inception; a place to meet, to listen, and to speak about the responsibility and possibilities of art and culture. EFA wants to facilitate conversations that have the constructive energy to create an effective intellectual and artistic capacity to look at the world’s challenges in a nuanced way: the Eye-to-Eye Magazine is a contribution to this endevour. The 6 articles presented in this new edition are the perfect illustration of it.

Enjoy the reading.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General