Eye-To-Eye Magazine Spring Edition 2022

Laura Nsengiyumva

The day when I (almost) melted (your father)

Maxim Shalygin

Whispers from nowhere

Haris Pašović

To Dream Or Not To Dream?

Alexandra Dementieva

New technology used in art is just a tool but very powerful

Yusuf Mahmoud

Festivals and contemporary discourses

Frans de Ruiter

My first day…

About Spring Edition 2022

What can and should the arts do in a changed world? How should festivals define their position in the societies within which they work?

70 years ago, Swiss writer and philosopher Denis de Rougemont and Ukrainian conductor Igor Markevitch launched the European Festivals Association (EFA) as a peace project, a dialogue platform, an expression of hope and reconciliation. They believed in the power of the arts and their impact on societies.

EFA has been a platform for dialogue since its inception; a place to meet, to listen, and to speak about the responsibility and possibilities of art and culture. EFA wants to facilitate conversations that have the constructive energy to create an effective intellectual and artistic capacity to look at the world’s challenges in a nuanced way: the Eye-to-Eye Magazine is a contribution to this endevour. The 6 articles presented in this new edition are the perfect illustration of it.

Enjoy the reading.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General

Eye-To-Eye Magazine Winter Edition 2022

Amanda Lind

Lessons from a recent experience of being Minister of Culture

Els Dietvorst

This is what you came for

Bartosz Szydlowski

The cultural revolution is underway

Sergey Smbatyan

Classical music in Armenia

Gundega Laivina

Attention as a form of ethics

Ana Carla Fonseca

Territory-brand Jequitinhonha Valley – increasing the perceived value of a development process from the grassroots

About Winter Edition 2022

Yes!!! The mountain was high again in 2021. But we decided to keep on looking far from wherever we start.

We are in visionary company in this winter edition of our Eye-to-Eye magazine: 6 powerful women and gentlemen are pointing at pertinent issues of the arts and of festival life from the outside: as artists, as scientists, as politicians.

We are ready: Let’s make the best from the new year all together.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General

Eye-To-Eye Magazine Summer Edition 2021

Colm Croffy

The Gaelic Festival Odyssey

Sofia Djama

The 3 Women from Kabul

Oriol Aguilà

Philanthropic future

Zsuzsanna Szálka

Meet Zsuzsanna Szálka, a Hungarian international cultural manager

Michel Dalberto

Schubert, an appreciation

Nele Hertling

The role of festivals and artists

About Summer Edition 2021

Presenters, promotors, producers, artists: we all contribute, we need each other, we join in different frequencies the daily noise, the music of life’s symphony. We manage, take our roles, do our jobs. This edition of the e-magazine bears witness to serious work done: from reflections on Schubert’s work to festivals’ role in society, philanthropists’ responsibilities and finally the importance of bringing a range of narratives from different parts of the world to audiences. Dive into their prose. Enjoy their insights.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General

Eye-to-Eye Magazine Spring Edition 2021

Kristina Borg

An entry from my {non-existent} daily journal – #TakeTwo

Jo Strømgren

Eternally owned is but what’s lost!

Sukina Pilgrim

The Potential in The Great Pause

Jorge Andrade & José Capela

Selling our souls to the devil

Ada Mukhina

Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future

Frans de Ruiter

The Dutch National Campaign for the Arts: Kunsten’92

About Spring Edition 2021

It was a coincidence at first, then a beautiful result. The third edition of Eye-to-Eye, The Festival Quarterly, is giving a voice only to artists: artists and their view and vision of the moment, the challenges they are dealing with, and the very individual story they share with us. Again, we are happy to have this great variety of contributors from such different starting points: dancers, theatre makers, actors, visual artists, musicians, poets… from North, South, East, and West. This is not to tick boxes, but to tell us that the world is local, individual, complex and fragmented, yet our shared concerns keep on bringing us together.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General

Eye-to-Eye Magazine Winter Edition 2020/2021

Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills

Reimagining vibrant cities

Ana Maria Rossi

Ana Maria Rossi

A Postcard from Belgrade

Robert Piaskowski

Robert Piaskowski

Voice from Krakow

Romeo Castelluci

Romeo Castellucci

Laudation for Frie Leysen

Frie Leysen

Acceptance Speech – Erasmus Prize 2014

Nathalie Hennedige

Natalie Hennedige

How do you solve a problem like a very complex protagonist?

Mahir Namur

Mahir Namur

Global Challenges, Cultural Visions

About Winter Edition 2020/2021

I am pleased to present you our 6 new contributors to the second edition of Eye-to-Eye: The Festival Quarterly. They all together and individually set so beautifully the tone of this e-magazine and more importantly of who and what informs us, and it, festival making, today: individual perspectives from persons living in Turkey, Serbia, Australia/UK, Singapore, Poland and Italy; eye-to-eye with artists, psychologists, film directors, city representatives; with men and women of the arts, younger and older, and one who will always stay with us: Frie Leysen. Frie was the founder and the director of deSingel in Antwerp and the internationally renowned Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

Let us hope that when the next edition of Eye-to-Eye comes out festivals will be able to look forward with renewed confidence.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General