Eye-To-Eye Magazine Winter Edition 2022

Amanda Lind

Lessons from a recent experience of being Minister of Culture

Els Dietvorst

This is what you came for

Bartosz Szydlowski

The cultural revolution is underway

Sergey Smbatyan

Classical music in Armenia

Gundega Laivina

Attention as a form of ethics

Ana Carla Fonseca

Territory-brand Jequitinhonha Valley – increasing the perceived value of a development process from the grassroots

About Winter Edition 2022

Yes!!! The mountain was high again in 2021. But we decided to keep on looking far from wherever we start.

We are in visionary company in this winter edition of our Eye-to-Eye magazine: 6 powerful women and gentlemen are pointing at pertinent issues of the arts and of festival life from the outside: as artists, as scientists, as politicians.

We are ready: Let’s make the best from the new year all together.

Kathrin Deventer
EFA Secretary General